SMITHS 'Quadrant' teak cased electronic battery mantel clock, 1970s

This stylish clock by Smiths offers a Space Age take on the classic wooden mantel clock. It features a teak (or possibly zebrano wood) case, petrol blue dial and brushed aluminium hands. The back of the case is held in place by four Velcro pads - an early civilian application!

This example is driven by a Sectronic Mark 3 electronic 'tuning fork' movement, dating it to between 1971 and 1975. Changes and improvements in battery electronic movements demonstrated the desire by manufacturers to achieve ever greater accuracy, and the tuning fork movement, developed by Accutron, marked the pinnacle of electro-mechanical timekeeping. As the name suggests, there is a component that vibrates at a set frequency, which in turn controls the timekeeping. Shortly afterwards the first quartz clocks appeared (around 1975) and electronic/electromechanical movements were quickly abandoned in favour of this new, cheaper, simpler and more reliable technology.

The clock has been disassembled, cleaned and serviced and the case has further been treated with teak oil. It is supplied in excellent condition and full working order (it takes a single C type battery, but an AA can also be used), together with guidance on time setting, starting and regulating (all electronic movements can be regulated and with patience something approaching quartz accuracy can be achieved.

Height 160mm; width 150mm; depth 85mm

but similar available
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