SMITHS EMPIRE oak cased 8 day wall clock with 12 inch dial dated 1948

This is a very attractive 12 inch dial clock by Smiths in an exceptional state of preservation, which belies its age. It should correctly be described as an English Dial Clock, but this type is also referred to as a school, gallery, railway, station or roundhead clock.

The clock is driven by a front-winding and front-regulating Smiths Empire 151 going barrel movement with jewelled platform escapement. The movement is hand-engraved with the date of manufacture (6/48 for June 1948) with a later service date of January 1953.

The front of the case is solid oak with a deep golden honey finish; the back box is of hardwood plywood, stained to match. The screen-printed aluminium dial is fitted over a steel false plate, which holds the movement. The hinged spun brass bezel holds a flat glass and silvered sight ring.

The clock has been fully disassembled, cleaned and serviced as appropriate and the case has been wax-polished. The dial is crisp and clean with only a few marks around the screw holes. The lacquered brass bezel is bright with minimal tarnishing and the hinge is secure and solid. All other components are likewise in excellent original condition.

The clock is supplied in full working order with instructions on setting up and regulating plus guidance on aftercare.

Dial diameter 12 inches (305mm); overall diameter 390mm; depth 115mm. Weight 3.4kg

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