SHORT & MASON - TYCOS oak cased 'Stormoguide' barometer, circa 1931

The British company Short and Mason was highly renowned for its precision measuring instruments, supplying industry, academia and government for over 100 years. It also supplied scientific instruments to the Scott and Shackleton polar expeditions and Everest climbers.

This is a very early example of their ‘Stormoguide’ barometer, dating to between 1930 and 1932. The 'Stormoguide' forecasting dial, often attributed to Short and Mason, was actually copyrighted by the American company Taylor Instruments in 1914 (Taylor used the brand name Tycos until 1932). In 1930 Short & Mason copyrighted the 'rising-falling' indicator, which was complementary to the Stormoguide's function. This was just one aspect of a long collaboration between the two companies, beginning in 1907 and leading ultimately to their merger in 1969.

It features a 4 inch high quality aneroid movement, engraved and champagne enamelled steel dial, spun and lacquered brass bezel, silvered sight ring and thick bevelled glass. The turned, solid oak case is finished in a chestnut-brown varnish typical of the period.

The barometer has been fully disassembled, serviced and cleaned and the case has been wax-polished. It is in very good vintage condition with some age-related tarnishing of the bezel and back plate. The case has shrunk to a slight oval and the varnish shows some slight crazing and a few marks, notably the rubs to the rear (pictured), but these would not justify refinishing.

It is currently set to read pressure at sea-level but will be supplied with instructions on adjustment to local conditions and guidance on how to read the dial.

Dial diameter 5 inches (125mm); overall diameter 240mm; overall depth 57mm. Weight 1.5kg

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