SEIKO electronic battery wall clock with 9 inch dial, model TTX628, late 1960s

This is a rare and very stylish battery wall clock by SEIKO, model number TTX 628, dating to the late 1960s. The Space-Age design features a midnight-blue dial, white hands and raised white batons set behind a flat glass in an ice-grey case.

It is notable for its subtle oval shape, echoing the Omega Dynamic watches of the period. Further distinctive details includes raised ridges and pips, corresponding to the hours and minutes respectively, a red centre-seconds hand and a knurled aluminium hand-setting knob. The clock is also designed to ‘float’ clear of the wall by 15mm when hanging.

It is driven by a transistorised movement, which combines elements of both mechanical and electronic timekeeping. These battery movements were elegant and efficient, but also expensive to manufacture and they were soon to be abandoned in favour of the new quartz technology (the first quartz clock for the consumer market was produced by Seiko in 1968).

The clock has been disassembled, cleaned and polished and is supplied in excellent condition with all original labels and stickers intact. It is in full working order (it takes a single D type battery) and currently keeping very good time. Note that all electronic movements can be regulated and with patience something approaching quartz accuracy can be achieved.

Please note that because of the essentially mechanical nature of the clock, it does have a pronounced tick.

Dial diameter 225mm; width x height 320 x 300mm; case depth 60mm; overall depth 75mm. Weight 1.25kg

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