ROTOTHERM bakelite cased desk or wall thermometer with 3 inch dial, 1950s

This simple and classic bakelite thermometer by British manufacturer Rototherm was designed to be either free-standing or wall-hanging. Aimed at the domestic consumer, it was available in a range of colours and was also favoured by manufacturers as an advertising or promotional gift.

This example is in black (surprisingly one of the rarer colours) with a white dial. It has been fully disassembled, cleaned and polished and is supplied in excellent condition and full working order (the simple bimetallic movement has been adjusted using 20 degrees C as a datum and is sufficiently accurate to give a good indication of temperature (+/- 1 degree) from 10 to 30 degrees C.

Dial diameter 3 inches (75mm); height 100mm; depth 40mm

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