NAAFI oak cased SMITHS EMPIRE 8 day wall clock with 12 inch dial dated 1941

This Smiths wall clock saw wartime service with the Navy Army and Air Force Institutes (NAAFI), probably in one of their bars or canteens. The design is very simple and economical, as befitting wartime restrictions, featuring a solid oak bezel hinged at the top to allow access for winding and time setting.The back box is of pine plywood, stained black.

The clock is driven by a front-winding and front-regulating Smiths Empire 151 going barrel movement with jewelled platform escapement. The movement is hand-engraved with the date of manufacture (3/41 for March 1941).

The screen-printed aluminium dial is generally in good condition with some light marking, staining and fading but minimal loss of the original blackwork. However, the NAAFI inscription had been crudely removed, probably by its new owner after the war. Close examination and photo-enhancement (see picture below) revealed the ghost of the old inscription, and this has been faithfully reproduced along with light restoration of the abraded area.

The clock has been fully disassembled, cleaned and serviced as appropriate and the case has been wax-polished. Overall it is in very good condition and displays very well.

The clock is supplied in full working order with instructions on setting up and regulating plus guidance on aftercare.

Dial diameter 12 inches (305mm); overall diameter 370mm; depth 120mm. Weight 2.8kg

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