KIENZLE 'Everdate' battery mantel clock after Heinrich Moeller, circa 1970

Kienzle, Germany's oldest manufacturer of clocks and watches, produced some of the most recognisable clocks of the 20th century under the creative and visionary direction of Heinrich Moeller, their chief designer from 1931 until 1970. Despite changing tastes and technology, Moeller's distinctive modernist style continued to influence Kienzle design throughout the latter half of the century.

This handsome mantel clock in brushed and polished nickel-plated brass retains Moeller's trademark characteristics of a slim profile, raised hour markers, domed glass and pedestal base, while the quality of construction and attention to detail which characterised Moeller's early work are still in evidence. The silvered dial is brushed in two directions, presenting an almost woven appearance. Notably, the clock features an automatic date function which would have been quite an innovation at this time.

The clock is driven by one of the first electro-mechanical battery movements, the Kienzle 606c. This is essentially a conventional, high quality 7 jewel mechanical movement where the spring is wound at intervals by a battery-powered solenoid. It is commonly referred to as a 'kick rewind' movement.

The clock has been disassembled, cleaned and serviced and is in excellent overall vintage condition. It is in full working order and keeping good time. It has a very quiet tick but please note there is an audible 'click' every few minutes when the solenoid is activated.

Diameter 180mm; overall height 190mm; overall depth 65mm. Weight 900g

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