KIENZLE 8 day small mantel clock by Heinrich Moeller in solid brass, 1950s

Kienzle, Germany's oldest manufacturer of clocks and watches, produced some of the most recognisable clocks of the 20th century under the creative and visionary direction of Heinrich Moeller, their chief designer from 1931 until 1970. With his background in carpentry and architecture rather than horology, he brought a simple yet distinctive modernist style to Kienzle's pre-war production, elements of which continued to define Kienzle clocks until the 1970s.

This small, exquisite mantel clock is typical of Moeller's attention to detail and the guiding axiom that a clock should be a work of art and not just a piece of furniture. The clock is of solid brass, with a notable rainbow effect to the turned base and cardinal hour markers. It is driven by a hand-wound, high quality 8 day jewelled lever movement. The slim silhouette, pedestal base and raised hour markers are classic Moeller characteristics. The lacquer to some of the brasswork has degraded over the years but this would not justify refinishing. The two-tone dial, hands and hour markers are still bright behind the domed glass.

The clock has been disassembled, cleaned and serviced and is in excellent overall vintage condition. It is in full working order and keeping good time with a very quiet tick. It will be supplied with instructions on regulating (if necessary).

Diameter 150mm; overall height 155mm; base diameter 70mm. Weight 820g

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