ELLIOTT 8 day wall clock with 8 inch dial and George VI cypher dated 1940

This is a very fine utility dial clock, produced for the government during WWII by the renowned manufacturer F W Elliott Ltd of Croydon. 8 inch dial clocks are rare and this example is in outstanding overall condition.

It is driven by a high quality front-winding and front-regulating movement with large platform escapement, serial number 9513L. The case and back box are of solid mahogany, which has aged to a deep, rich chestnut colour. The back panel is stamped with the maker’s name, the royal cypher and the date (1940). There are also a series of pencilled dates (probably service dates) and what could be an acquisition number. The painted steel dial with its bold George VI cypher is in fine original condition with only minor chipping around the screw holes. The silvered sight ring and spun brass bezel are bright and retain their original finish.

The clock has been fully disassembled, cleaned and serviced as appropriate. All components were in such good original condition that no restoration was necessary. There are some marks and scratches to the case, visible in the photographs, but these were not serious enough to justify refinishing; following cleaning a good beeswax polish was all that was required.

The clock is supplied in full working order with instructions on setting up and regulating plus guidance on aftercare.

Dial diameter 8 inches (203mm); overall diameter 270mm; depth 110mm. Weight 1.8kg

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